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PHP TestFest 2008 results

On May 11, 2008 I already posted about the joint efforts between and PHPBelgium to improve the quality of the PHP language, by testing the code during PHP TestFest.

Today posted the PHP TestFest wrapup and it's quite stunning to see that we (both and PHPBelgium members) are mentioned as winners.

One of the co-founders of PHPBelgium, Felix De Vliegher, has become top submitter and even though PHP TestFest only lasted a few hours, Felix has commited many more tests afterwards. He now has been granted access to commit to the PHP core (and will be probably be mentioned within the PHP credentials too).

The other winners are:
Eric StewartHåvard EideMarc VeldmanMichelangelo van DamRein VeltRob YoungSami GreenburySebastian DeutschSebastian SchürmannStefan KoopmanschapAll winners will receive an elePHPant from Nexen.

Since this year's PHP TestFest was a huge success, although it was organized by local PHP User Groups, it will be most likely the start for organizing…

The world according to iTunes

When I had just my iPod, I just used iTunes to manage my own CD collection and download podcasts. But getting in contact with more advanced iTunes users, I learned to really use it as my in-house music store, buying albums of artists I like.And there I noticed already a few differences between the Belgian store and the US store. Where my American friends got extras with their purchase, I just got my music even though we both bought the same album.They (my American friends) also told me about great movies and TV shows within iTunes. Even Steve Jobs announced it in his keynote, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my localized iTunes.Now I have the latest iPhone 3G and being able to use wide screen video I do want to access those movies and TV shows, and download some cool applications as well. But I need a US address and a US credit card billing address ! I thought we were living in a global village, where I can buy stuff from anywhere in the world.It's known that Apple is innova…

Wanted: Graphical Designer/Web Developer

Job summary:
For creating the ultimate web experience, we are looking for a creative graphical designer with a passion for designs, accessibility and performance. Are you passionate by front-end web design and development, and are you willing to implement the ideas of our international team of marketingboys, then it's you who we want ! You'll be working from Merelbeke near Ghent (Belgium), from where you'll be working together with teammembers from the UK and Israel, and soon from other countries as well.We are looking for an expert in the field of following technologies:
CSS, HTML/XHTML/XML, AJAX Javascript (ExtJS) Flash Action ScriptingPhotoshop PHP 5 is considered a major bonusYou are creative and have experience in a similar job ?You're anxious to reposition a pixel in the wrong spot ?You're able to direct international internet designers and other offices ?You understand the complexitiy of multi-lingual sites and copywriting ?You know the difference between pho…

My iPhone 3G review

On July 11 the long awaited iPhone 3G was launched in Belgium. You could buy the 16GB version in any Mobistar shop or Apple store for € 615. This high price is caused by the fact that Belgian law prohibits the sale of one product combined with another different product.

When the door opened at 10am, another surprice was ahead. The Mobistar shop had only 25 iPhones in stock. They gave preference to Mobistar customers or people who would become new customers. Although this kind of action was totally unacceptable, little could be done at that time. I took a cheap mobile plan for € 10/month. As soon as I got home, I cancelled this plan immediatly.

Now the iPhone is exactly what I expected: a great communication centre. With it's integrated wifi and 3G it has mega powers to rule the Internet. A great phone, what can I say.

But there are some things that I miss here, although there obvious. First of all I can't send contact details to another phone using SMS or Bluetooth. Maybe this fe…