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Zend Framework data models

I was struggling getting my data models (as described in the Zend Framework Quickstart) to work with relations. My first solution was to create a database view that merged that data using joins to collect this data in a format that I could use in my data models. This was going great until I looked at my database where it contained over 20 views (along with 20 data models, mappers and db table gateways) ! So I said to myself there had to be another way.

Fortunately there was a solution, hinted by Felix De Vliegher on IRC. He pointed me to the Zend FrameworkZend_Db_Table Relationships page on the Zend Framework online manual. And although it's clearly specified how things work, I struggled a bit to see how each component was linked to the other and when I should use what.

So, I decided to work out a small application to test and support this relationship modeling.

Step 1: Preparation
Let's start with creating a new Zend Framework project that we call "datamodels".

zf cre…