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ZendCon 2007 San Francisco

October 13 starts ZendCon '07 in San Francisco, the most important Php conference in the world. Many important players in the world op Php will be guest-speaker on this conference.

Also the many workshops about Zend Framework and best-practices are also on my list of must attend. If the opportunity is available, I'll be posting news here live from the Zend Conference, so do check out this website to stay up-to-date.

Happy birthday Linux !

September 17, 1991 was a remarkable day: Linus Torvalds posted his first version of the Linux kernel. Combined with the GNU operating system it turned out the most magnificent operating system today, known as Linux.

So to all you Linux developers out there, thank you and to Linus: job well done! You've inspired us all.

The problem of new hardware

When you go out to the shop for buying a new laptop, you know the guy who sells you this knows just enough to make sure you'll buy it. So you know you don't have to ask him if the new device is supported by Linux and if all nifty little features have commonly available drivers. So, before I went out to buy a new shiny portable, I checked the internet if other users already had the model and were using Linux on it.
So, now I have a brand new 12.1" Packard Bell EasyNote BU45-P-059 running OpenSuSE 10.2 and completely removed the Windows Vista Premium installation.
But, you've might have guessed it, some features don't work out-of-the-box:
Realtek RTL8101E PCI Express Ethernet Interface (I do need it!)Syntek VGA Webcam USB2.0Multicard reader (haven't really tested it yet, cause this is something I don't need)All other items worked perfectly from the start (Sound, Vision 3D accelerated, WiFi, ...).

So, in today I start my search for finding solutions to overcome t…

Zend Technologies » Blog Archive » PDT 1.0 is coming out next week…

Yossi Leon, Product Manager at Zend Technologies and Project Leader for the Php Development Tools project (PDT) for Eclipse IDE, announces the release of PDT 1.0 next week.
I've been using Eclipse for a couple of years now, and over a year using this PDT plugin. I cannot imagine life without it, since it provides me the tool I need to write and deploy my coding.
Eclipse itself is well known as IDE for Java and maybe even in Perl, Python and .NET worlds.
Through this way, I want to express my gratitude to Yossi and the whole PDT-team for giving us this great tool. At some point, I'll be able to give something back to the world build using PDT.

Certified Zend PHP5 Engineer

From this day forward, I'm known as a Certified Zend PHP5 Engineer ! Whohoo !!! It was a tough exam with lot's of questions from php.ini and about error handling. But overal experience was that this exam requires a firm knowledge of PHP functions, differences between PHP4 and PHP 5 and a very keen eye for details.

I already passed the PHP4 Certification in 2006, so it was time for an upgrade. Especially when Zend announced the end-of-life for PHP4.

Benefits of being certified are (not limited):
a proove to yourself and the world that you can do PHPhigher geek-level
better job opportunitiesstronger salary negotiation argumentsa nice certification on your wallbeing registered in the Zend Yellow Pages
If you like PHP and you want to proove to yourself and the world that PHP is your thing, go check out the Zend site and enlist yourself for certification.

Readings I can recommend:

php|architect's Zend PHP 5 Certification Study guide

PHP Pocket Reference, Second Edition
Although this poc…

Best practices Zend Framework and MVC

I've been working with Zend Framework for a couple of months now and each day I learn something new, but it is really hard to find a good step-by-step guide, a hands-on example or just a good how-to on implementing a good, secure MVC application using Zend Framework.

On the net I find a lot of good example snippets, like the helpers and plugins example of or a MVC-tutorial on Zend Framework Wiki, but none of them are really giving me the information what I need.

I already collected some good code-snippets in my list, so I think about starting on bringing all that information together on a web page so people can start creating their MVC applications with Zend Framework, like I already announced in my previous posting Tutorial MVC pattern for Zend Framework.