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php|architect's Guide to Enterprise PHP Development

On php|architect website you can now pre-order a printed version of "Guide to Enterprise PHP Development" by Ivo Jansch, CTO of iBuildings.

This book is a valuable tool for anyone who's involved into professional PHP development, weather it is on an enterprise level or not. It explains not only how PHP is evolved to become an enterprise level programming language, but it shows you how to implement the "enterprise way" into your own project environment.

A must-read for every professional PHP developer, but also for project managers, team leaders and other software engineers.

iBuildings partners with php|architect

Dutch PHP company iBuildings has announced today they have a partnership with php|architect, organizer of the crazy php|tek days in Chicago, IL.

This partnership not only proves the international recognition of iBuildings as a PHP company, but brings php|architect's training courses to Europe and supplements iBuildings' own training courses.

This is good news for everyone who's interested in PHP trainings, iBuildings has professional trainers and works within the European timezone.

Advocating PHP...

PHP has become a genuine passion of mine and I often talk about why people should upgrade to PHP 5, especially if they're a hosting service provider.

Just minutes ago I received a message from my good friend and owner of HostwebJarno Brandt saying he now upgraded all servers to PHP 5.2.6 with a little backup for true PHP 4 sites. Also a separate PHP 6 environment will be provided.

In the days to come, he's also going to provide a shared Zend Framework library so developers can always use the latest Zend Framework version with their websites.

First event for PHPBelgium on May 27 2008

PHPBelgium, the Belgian PHP Users Group, organize their first gathering on May 27.

The following topics will be discussed:
introduction: "who is PHPBelgium"discussion about what topics are interested by the membersfuture event plansa small lotery for php goodies
The event is planned at 8pm (20:00 h) at the community center 'de Zandloper' in Wemmel and everyone is invited. Please register yourself first at their upcoming page.

Zend Framework Introduction

Because I often meet PHP developers who want to start off with Zend Framework I made a simple presentation explaining the usage of Zend Framework with the MVC-paradigm.

As an extra I included Zend_Layout in it as well. Enjoy the presentation and if you have any questions or remarks, comment to this post or mail me (mail address in presentation).

From: DragonBe, 1 day ago

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An introduction to writing a simple Zend Framework MVC application

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Dutch PHP TestFest 2008

Last weekend the Dutch PHP UG organized together with their southern counterpart PHPBelgium a PHPTestFest in Roosendaal, where special guest Sebastian Bergmann was invited to monitor the event.

The slides he had in Cologne, Germany were used for this Dutch TestFest, so I'm including them here.

The event went very well. 37 tests made by 10 PHP developers in 4 hours. Another good result for PHP and the whole PHP community.

Now, attending TestFest is just to get you started. Nothing keeps you from committing tests on your own.

From: sebastian_bergmann, 1 week ago

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SlideShare Link - Tech Trends in a minute

If you're not really a tech-savvy person, but you're dealing with tech stuff on a day-to-day basis, check out, your tech update in one minute.

Cal Evans, Editor-in-Chief at gives short podcasts about various internet hypes, new trends and challenges you to think about common things you face daily.

Be sure to check out his other podcasts (php-abstract and ZendCon sessions) where you can sit down and relax while listening to PHP related sessions.

You can also follow also on twitter as 60secondtech, where you will receive updates about new sessions and where you are able to interact on these sessions.

Benelux PHP TestFest this Saturday

This is a late announcement of the Benelux PHP TestFest, held this Saturday May 10.

What's the purpose of TestFest ?

The TestFest is an event that aims at improving the
code coverage of the
test suite for the PHP language
itself. As part of this event, local User Groups (UG) are invited to
join the TestFest. These UGs can meet physically or come together
virtually. The point however is that people network to learn together.
Aside from being an opportunity for all of you to make friends with
like minded people in your (virtual) community, it also will hopefully
reduce the work load for the mentors.

When is it ?
Saturday, May 10 between 12.30pm and 16.30pm.

Where is it ?
Hotel the Goderiƫ in Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

Who's the special guest ?
Sebastian Bergmann, the man behind PHPUnit and the PHP reference concerning Unit Testing for PHP.

Wanna join ?
Go visit t…