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From idea to production instantly

I know you had it often: you had this crazy idea and worked out a quick prototype and want to share it with the world. So you start up your personal VMS or a VM in the cloud, push your code there and you're happy, all is working.

But this prototype, just like all the other prototypes, grows into a heavily used and very important tool and before you know it you're pushing updates a couple of times a day to production. This still sounds familiar?

And when you're really facing an important update of your code base, all of a sudden you need to spend additional attention to things like heartbleed, shellshock or any other important security exploit that requires immediate updates of all your servers and systems.

Coming from a systems engineering role in the early days of the millennium this shouldn't be a problem for me, but I've got such a passion for development I don't care anymore about everything underneath my code. As long as things are running my way, I rathe…