From idea to production instantly

I know you had it often: you had this crazy idea and worked out a quick prototype and want to share it with the world. So you start up your personal VMS or a VM in the cloud, push your code there and you're happy, all is working.

But this prototype, just like all the other prototypes, grows into a heavily used and very important tool and before you know it you're pushing updates a couple of times a day to production. This still sounds familiar?

And when you're really facing an important update of your code base, all of a sudden you need to spend additional attention to things like heartbleed, shellshock or any other important security exploit that requires immediate updates of all your servers and systems.

Coming from a systems engineering role in the early days of the millennium this shouldn't be a problem for me, but I've got such a passion for development I don't care anymore about everything underneath my code. As long as things are running my way, I rather opt for a full platform as a service (PaaS) than for an infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

What do I use? Microsoft Azure. Yes, I run most of my PHP on Windows, who would have thought that! The reason is simple. If I have my code on GitHub it takes me 5 minutes to create a new instance, hook up my GitHub account and have my application up-and-running in a cloud environment where I don't need to worry about the security of everything below my application. As long I've ensured my application is secured, I know I'm safe. Microsoft Azure will take care of all security below my application.

And I love continuous delivery, so I hook up my Jenkins-CI to my GitHub repo, run my tests and other build steps before the code is merged into a release branch, the branch I hooked up to my Microsoft Azure account so the moment all build steps pass successfully, the code is pushed to production in one, swift transaction.

I love being a developer and I hate spending time patching and updating the platforms that I need to support my applications. Microsoft Azure offers me an easy, affordable and stress-free environment to deploy and maintain my applications in a continuous way. Sign up for the free trial and try it yourself if you don't believe me.
Come and see me at ZendCon where I will be talking about "the continuous PHP pipeline" where I go deeper into the whole flow from idea to production and beyond. And if needed, I will be able to do a live demo getting a scalable solution instantly without the hassle of maintenance. Yes, I love releasing code 5 minutes before I leave on a holiday. And I love you to experience it too.


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