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Look mama, no databases

I recently got a question about testing services, where this person was under the impression that when calling services you did not need to know what was going on. You just pass in data and a result is returned. How this result was given was of no importance, all you needed to test was that you got a result and it matched up with what was expected.

The only problem in this case was that he was talking about testing the business logic in the service and I replied he should perform tests on that business logic instead of just asserting the returned result. After some further discussions it was clear that he tested the service "as is", meaning the service makes a call to a database to gather its results and returns the calculation on those results.

When I state "as is", I truly mean the way it's being used in production. So the database call collects real data on which business logic is applied. You can see this is not a healthy situation, especially when you also…