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UA Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit

Last week I spoke at php[tek] 2013 where I explained to people how to get started with Selenium IDE to record user interaction with the web interface, convert them to PHPUnit testcases and automatically execute them on multiple browsers on multiple platforms. The feedback I got was awesome, you're all a great crowd! But on twitter I also received a bunch of questions regarding how to set up multiple platforms and why I used Windows in my presentation to deploy to. So today I deceided it was time to write a full article on this subject. What is Selenium? Selenium is a tool that allows you to continuously test user interfaces of web applications. The most common usages for Selenium testing are the following: testing elements are (not) on the web interfaceusers can't break out a certain flow on the web interfacecalculated values are correct after modificationerrors appear on screen when mistakes are made by usersreported issues are valid In general we call these type of tests Use…

Survived php tek 2013

If you were last week in Chicago, you've might felt the city was buzzing PHP all over the place. php[tek] 2013 was taking place at the Sheraton Gateway Suites Chicago O'Hare in Rosemont, just outside of Chicago city.

This year it was also the first time, a php consulting team from the East Coast, was running the show, putting their own signature onto the event. And with great success I might add. A well deserved applause to Eli White, Kevin Bruce, Sandy Smith, Oscar Merida and of course the Beth Tucker Long for their unlocked achievement running a great conference.

For me was also the first time I was running the uncon, where attendees and conference speakers could propose talks they wanted to present at the uncon and have other attendees vote for them.

One uncon talk really stood out: "Open Sourcing mental illness" by Ed Finkler (@funkatron) where he discussed the issues people face who suffer a mental illness. It was an emotional talk where Ed describ…