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book review: php development in the cloud

Cloud computing is no longer a buzz word, a hype that's been shouted at many technical conferences. No, it has turned into a real business model many people make a living off. And in that perspective I started exploring the world of cloud computing about a year ago. I also teamed up with Microsoft to promote and explore their new Windows Azure platform and even co-organized a contest deploying PHP applications on the Microsoft cloud solution.

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend Cal Evans asked me to review the book "PHP Development in the Cloud" written by "Ivo Jansch" and "Vito Chin". I accepted as I was very interesting in exploring more of the cloudy world I just found myself in the middle of. Another reason was that both authors were fellow co-workers at Ibuildings back in the day. I promised this would be an objective review seen through the eyes of a developer just started exploring the mystifying world of cloud solutions.

The book
Let me say t…