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An exciting year

Each time we're getting close to the end of the year, it's good to reflect on the passed year and stand still at those moments that had a great impact on our lives. In this trend I'm looking back at a very exciting 2013.
January 2013 January has been a very exciting month. First of all the birth of our third son Tycho on January 22, and immediately after PHPBenelux Conference 2013. I remember how I had to head back and forth between the conference, the hospital and home just to be on top of everything.

February 2013 Another exciting month for us as our second son Ares was going to school for the very first time. And just like with Xander's first day at school, I have to admit I was more excited and nervous than Ares was. I can only imagine how big of an impact this must be for Ares.

April 2013 Even though most of April was business as usual, one moment really stood out of all other things: my webinar "Quality Assurance for PHP apps using PHPStorm" for Jetbra…