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Twitter and wrong business decisions

You've must have been on a trip to Mars if you haven't heard about the ordeal of Twitter, saying they close down their services to give it's customers (???) a consistent user experience. In short, they don't want external developers to further develop applications on their API.

This blog article is not about bashing some more on decisions made by Twitter's management and VC's, but to open up a discussion to see if there's no better value to be found for the company to make money without killing innovation. I'd like to know your points of view on this discussion, maybe not to save Twitter, but the next best thing that comes along feeling pressure of VC's wanting to see money for their hard invested money.

If I was a VC or a major stockholder of Twitter company, I'd think twice on killing competitive client developers! [Editorial: I'm no VC nor stockholder, but I do run a business]

First of all you don't have the world geniuses working at…