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Dutch PHP Conference Wrap-up

It has already been a couple of days since the Dutch PHP Conference 2008 took place, but work and a newborn son prevented me to post a little wrap-up of the event.

Each year Ibuildings organizes a PHP Conference together with Zend Technologies mainly focussed on developers and businesses from the Netherlands, but each year more and more foreigners find their way to Amsterdam. I've met people from the USA, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and France. Maybe more nationalities were there, but I haven't met them. So I think both Ibuildings and Zend need to change the name into Dutch International PHP Conference.

The introduction to the event was given by Ibuildings CTO Ivo Jansch, where he threw elePHPants into the audience and started a riot (kidding).

Zeev Suraski, Co-founder & CTO of Zend Technologies talked about how he and Andi Gutmanns got involved in PHP and how Zend Technologies was founded.

Marco Tabini, all-rounder at PHP|Architect compared php development …

We got a son !

On Sunday, June 8 2008 at 12:19pm my darling wife Friedel has given birth to our son Xander. It's a healthy boy weighing 2,76kg (6.08lbs) and is 48cm (18.19") in height.

First images are now online on, but here are already a few:

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