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PHP Arrays - The php array functions

In my previous article about arrays (the basicssimple operations and associative arrays or hash maps) I have shown what arrays are and what you can do with it. Now I want to dive into real fun and explain PHP's array functions with real-world examples and how you can apply them in your day-to-day work.

Collection to select form key-values Many of the website registration forms uses a country select element or an autocomplete input field using data from a database.

If this was a single PHP with HTML combined page, there was no problem as you could easily reuse the query made to collect the data. But when using an MVC approach where your controller needs to push the data it fetches from the backend to the form before the form can be passed to the view you're in for a treat. We're addressing the issues for an MVC approach here.

Let's look at our country table first to get an impression how data is being stored in the database.