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Killer iPhone app from Apple: Keynote Remote

iTunes Appstore for iPhone and iPod Touch has a numerous list of great applications, but recently I discovered one that really rocks my world: Keynote Remote.

When giving presentations I used to have a separate pointing device that I could use to move through the slides, but now with Keynote Remote I can see what is up the screen having my speaker notes right there with me. Flip the display in a horizontal position, I can see my current slide and the next one.

Fig. 1: Current slide with speaker notes.
Fig. 2: Current slide with next slide display.
This way I can move around the floor while giving presentations without having to stay behind my laptop to see what's next. This is especially good when you're co-presenting something, because now you can see the notes of your fellow speakers as well.

You need to have Keynote '09 which is part of the new iWork '09 where you can set up your iPhone or iPod Touch for connecting with the computer.You need to have a wifi…

Seven Things - Tagged by Rob Allen

I was surprised that I made it to the Seven Things thread started by Tony Bibbs, but Rob Allen was so kind to "tag" me and now it's my honor to find seven more victims.

Seven Things you might not know about me:
When I was 16, I had a private pilot license (PPL) learned at the Airport of Antwerp. The first year I managed to have enough flying hours to keep my permit but the second year I just couldn't find time to have the minimum required hours to keep my permit. Looking back at this moment in time, I do find it sad I didn't made the effort in maintaining this.
I graduated high-school as an accountant and had a job as a junior accountant at the Benelux head office of Century21, but after one month I was already convinced being an accountant was something I didn't wanted to do for the rest of my life. And never spoke of this part in my life again.I never finished college. I was studying IT at the "Hogeschool Antwerpen" and after college hours I worked …

Looking back to 2008

First I want to wish everyone all the best for 2009 ! 2008 has been a very wonderful year and makes us looking positive to the future. To cope with the challenges we have to face in 2009, it doesn't hurt looking back to the past year and see where we can improve or act differently.

Let me go over a few keywords that had importance in 2008.

2008 was the year both Felix De Vliegher and I founded PHPBelgium, a PHP user group for PHP enthusiasts in Belgium. We had a slow start, but as the months passed by the popularity and importance of PHPBelgium grew. Not only for PHP enthusiasts but also for companies as Microsoft, O'Reilly, Ibuildings and AUSY. In October, Patrick Allaert joined our management team.

Besides providing best practices and presenting advanced programming topics, we also try to do as much as possible for the community by giving away elePHPants, books and tickets to PHP conferences (like ZendCon, php|works and phpnw).

Besides a good start up for PHPB…