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20 years of php

On June 8, 1995 Rasmus Lerdorf open-sourced the code for his "Personal Homepage" and posted it to the news group comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi. Yes, NNTP was hot and famous back in those days! And because Ben Ramsey asked everyone in the PHP community to tell their PHP story, I felt it was time to share mine.

For me, my PHP story begins 6 years after Rasmus published his source code for PHP. In 2001 I started as System Engineer at Telenet, a cable internet provider in Belgium, where they were looking for someone to develop and maintain their website in PHP. I had worked as Perl developer in the past and found the change to PHP relatively easy. In 2005 I started off as a freelancer working as PHP developer and worked at several positions in big enterprises and government agencies. In 2006 I was introduced to PHPUnit, thanks to Sebastian Bergmann's PHPUnit Pocket Guide which seemed like a very smart way to test your applications. So that's when I started writing …