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Practical example: building a social sharing platform

Documenting your project upfront requires time and research, but gives enormous amount of insights and knowledge for the whole team to advance with. In this article we're continuing where we left off my previous article " Documentation of a project " by providing examples for the documentation focus areas I explained and we're also making sure that we're not tumbling down a rabbit hole where specs are written in stone and we're building this project in a waterfall way. The Hotbrewd project For this particular example I've chosen a project that has a couple of interesting challenges. It's a social media platform (lots of users) where people can check in their beverage at a specific location or establishment (geolocation), upload photos or videos of their drink (moderation) and share with friends (personal information, profiling). To make it a little entertaining, the more people share and tag, the more stickers they can unlock. Also brands and e

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