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Zend Framework context switching for HTML content

I tried to stay away from using javascript as much as I could, but even I could not escape from developing AJAX feature rich applications. I have chosen jQuery as my poison.

But I had already build my apps using static HTML output generated by Zend Framework, so how could I add this richness to my apps without refactoring most of my code ? Simple, by using Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ContextSwitch, ZendX_JQuery and some minor adjustments to my view scripts.

If you have downloaded the latest Zend Framework package, you'll notice in the extras/library directory the extra jQuery component, so make sure you also include that library path to your application's include path.

The following code was tested with Zend Framework version 1.10.3.
In your controller, you have actions that displays a form and one that processes it. So, to have it processed without refreshing the page in the browser, put the following lines in your controller:

public function init() {     $this->_helper->…