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Installing PHP 7 with XDebug, Apache and MySQL on OS X Yosemite

In my previous blog post "Installing PHP 7 on OS X Yosemite" I gave some insights on how to get quicly started with PHP7 on your Mac, specifically on your commandline. But before I continue on how to make it work with your installed Apache and MySQL I would like to address a subject many people found worth mentioning: PHP Installation Managers.

PHP Installation Managers In the feedback I received on my article, people would like to point out that the package managers like "PHP-OSX" binary installer, "phpenv" multiversion php management and installer, "phpbrew" for installing and running multiple versions of PHP and "HomeBrew" the missing package manger for OS X. There will be probably more tools out there, but these were the suggestions made by some of my readers.

Again, I have nothing against these tools and I value their functionality a lot. The only reason I posted my article was to show people how you could have PHP 7 run immediat…

Installing PHP 7 on OS X Yosemite

Yesterday was the release of PHP7.0.0 and I wanted to have it on my mac as fast as possible. Since I'm still using Mac OS X Yosemite I will post here the steps to upgrade my platform, it might be useful for you too.

Requirements Since Apple is doing a great job to provide PHP, Apache and MySQL straight out of the box, I'm not worrying about the Apache and MySQL.

In order to to install PHP from source, you need to have XCode installed as it provides required libraries and headers that you will need to have a successful experience.
Of course, get the latest and greatest PHP7.0.0 bundle straight from Don't forget to verify the signatures before you get started unpacking the sources.

Time to bake the sources I like to build my apps from sources, even though there are package managers that will do it in a single command. There are really some great benefits from building from sources:

You can switch on and off modules as you goYou can now choose how you want to run PHP…