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Bootstrapping ZF1 application in Apigilty

Apigility is a Zend Framework 2 tool that provides a REST API management interface, which is very useful if you want to build an API. Apigility can directly connect with your database and offer a full REST API for your application, but in most cases you already have an application build with Zend Framework 1.x (ZF1). Let's assume you have incorporated a lot of business logic in this application so it would be a waste not to use it building a rich REST API. This article describes what needs to be done to incorporate your ZF1 application into a vanilla installation of Apigility. It will not describe the installation of Apigility as this is fully documented on the Apigility website. NOTE: We use our demo ZF1 application as example. Including your ZF1 app into Apigility The easiest way is to use Gitmodules if you have your ZF1 project in GIT. If you have your ZF1 project in SVN, you need to do a manual checkout of the project. Since Apigility uses Composer for installation and updates,…