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Post PHPBenelux Conference 2011 review

Last weekend Antwerp was buzzing PHP ! PHPBenelux organized a two-day PHP conference at Ter Elst in Antwerp, Belgium.

The conference was a blast! Over 250 attendees coming from within the Benelux and out, 29 national and international speakers, 18 sponsors and a superb staff of both the PHPBenelux organization as well from the venue Ter Elst itself.

Our success wasn't possible with the support of our sponsors (Microsoft, Ibuildings, Combell, PHPro, Zend, Facebook, Amazium, github, Telenet, Oracle, qafoo, CloudControl, DayCamp4Developers, enrise, in2it, ServerGrove, WEBclusive and yappa) who chipped in a lot so we were able to keep our entrance tickets as low as possible. If you enjoyed the conference, be sure to visit their website and send them a thank you note. They deserve it.

I would also would express my sincere gratitude to the people behind PHPBenelux, the team who has given their full 100% in getting this conference going. In my opinion, they're the heros: Stefan Koopm…

Unit testing after Zend Framework 1.8 webinar

Just a quick not for those of you who missed my Zend webinar (@WebinarsAtZend) on "Unit Testing after Zend Framwork 1.8" last Wednesday. You can view the whole webinar on the Zend website.

I want to thank Zend Technologies, Inc. for giving me the opportunity to present and I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all attendees (about 150) for enduring me the whole hour. Your feedback on twitter and facebook was awesome.

If you have a php topic and you want to do a webinar, go to Zend's Call for Webinar page. You help the community and it's a very good reference in your resume! So, check it out!

If you want to attend one of my life appearances, see me at:
ConFoo: "Write PHP, deploy anywhere" and "Improving QA on php projects"TEK11: "Unit testing Zend Framework", "Write PHP, deploy anywhere" and "Improving QA on php projects"