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When mobile services are failing...

The story
About 3 months ago I switched from mobile provider Proximus to it's competitor Mobistar because of lower rates and special deals for self employed people. Because we were close to New Year, I asked politely to make the transfer after New Year.

It all started on December 24 when all of a sudden, my old provider dropped the connection. They received the paper declaring I was switching providers. So, as instructed I switched SIM cards and I was now Mobistar customer.

But although I was able to make outgoing calls, I couldn't get incoming calls or messages. Being the day before Christmas, this is a major issue. Calling the service desk, didn't really provided me with a solution since they blamed Proximus for not transferring my number correctly.
I then called my dedicated agent, but he was already packing for his Christmas holidays and not having time to figure it all out. So I was unreachable until December 27.

All services were allright until December 31st, when I …

Feedburner move to Google error

This morning I checked my feedburner stats and I got a message I should move my feeds over to Google, and so I did.

I should have read Chris Shiflett's blog post first to prevent my feeds spamming the entire aggregated internet, in particular Planet-PHP.

So, I want to apologize to everyone for my massive spam on the various aggregation sites and a hint to Google: make sure you don't spam the internet while moving stuff from one place to another.

Fosdem 2009 in review

Last weekend I was at FOSDEM'09, Free and Open-Source Developers European Meeting, in Brussels (Belgium). Together with co-founder Felix De Vliegher and co-organizer Patrick Allaert we were promoting the mission of PHPBelgium, the largest PHP user group in Belgium.

Besides promoting PHP and the activities of the user group, we also promoted, an international organization for women involved in PHP development. Men are also welcome there.

On days like these, we're a central point for information and people used the opportunity to ask us a lot of questions regarding PHP. Here is a top 5 of most asked questions:

1. Where can I/our company turn to for advanced PHP training courses ?
I believe Ibuildings, the PHP professionals, located in the Netherlands and UK, are the best sources to turn to regarding training courses for advanced PHP and certification.

Ibuildings provides standard PHP training courses, including courses from php|architect, but can also provide custom …