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Leaving PHPTek

As I'm waiting for my flight at Chicago O'Hare airport, I decided it was a good time to write up my experiences I had at PHPTek in Chicago. I can describe the event as AWESOME as I met a ton of new people and learned quite a bit during the sessions and in hallway tracks.

If you're not familiar with PHPTek, let me enlighten you a bit. PHPTek is an annual PHP conference organised by php[architect], the company that publishes books and a monthly magazine. Each year PHPTek is being held in Chicago (USA). Even though this conference is a commercial conference by nature, once you attend it you don't feel that commercial pressure at all. The talks are all technical or soft-skill related without service or product sales pitches which makes PHPTek a great conference to attend if you're a developer. For business owners, managers and other non-technical folks it's also a great conference as you get in touch with an international community of PHP developers and businesses…