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php|tek 09 - Overview of an awesome conference

For those who just returned from outer-space, last week was PHP|Tek 09 in Chicago, IL, USA. By far the most intensive PHP conference ever, organized by PHP|Architect, the true PHP magazine. I give here my experiences as I have recorded them during these very intense days.

Tuesday, May 19
As it is common with many (PHP) conferences, the first day is often a tutorial day, where you get 3 hours of high quality tutorials given by the great minds within the PHP community.

I attended Ed Finkler's session on MVC development in PHP where he talked about the best practices on implementing MVC and what the differences were between several frameworks.

After lunch I headed out to PHP Code Review given by Stefan Priebsch, Sebastian Bergmann and Arne Blankerts, all three co-founders of the PHP Consulting Company.

Wednesday, May 20
Andrei Zmievski opened the conference with a very impressive key note about PHP 6 (after he could free himself being tied up in a dark room by Marco Tabini).

Cal Evans i…

PHP|Tek 09 - Uncon session: PHPUnit testing to Zend_Test

At the first day of PHP|Tek 09 I presented a session on Unit testing using PHPUnit, starting off with a simple example to explain unit testing and ending with testing a Zend Framework application using the application bootstrap.

If you attended this session, I'd love to hear from you at testing to Zend_TestView more presentations from Michelangelo Van dam.

PHP Test Fest 2009

For those who haven't heard about it, last Saturday was PHP Test Fest 2009, and here in Belgium it was organized by PHPBelgium at the new Combell location in Ghent.

We decided to test the SQLite3 extension, and we also had two people writing tests for LDAP. With a nice end result of 24 tests written for SQLite3 and 9 for LDAP, we are very pleased with the result since only 9 people attended our event.

Our mentor Felix De Vliegher  had given us a very clear instructions and apparently most attendees already had seen my (and other people's) slides on See the pictures of those great moments on

All attendees did share a few common quotes afterwards:
"I learned so much here""Next year I come back""Shame on those who didn't come today"I would like to express my gratitude for the PHP QA Team for organizing this event, to Combell for facilitating this event and providing us very nice sandwiches and drinks and to Ibuildings f…