The problem of new hardware

When you go out to the shop for buying a new laptop, you know the guy who sells you this knows just enough to make sure you'll buy it. So you know you don't have to ask him if the new device is supported by Linux and if all nifty little features have commonly available drivers. So, before I went out to buy a new shiny portable, I checked the internet if other users already had the model and were using Linux on it.
So, now I have a brand new 12.1" Packard Bell EasyNote BU45-P-059 running OpenSuSE 10.2 and completely removed the Windows Vista Premium installation.
But, you've might have guessed it, some features don't work out-of-the-box:
  • Realtek RTL8101E PCI Express Ethernet Interface (I do need it!)
  • Syntek VGA Webcam USB2.0
  • Multicard reader (haven't really tested it yet, cause this is something I don't need)
All other items worked perfectly from the start (Sound, Vision 3D accelerated, WiFi, ...).

So, in today I start my search for finding solutions to overcome these hick-ups and when I do find it, this is the place where you can read about it.


  1. Hi, did you managed to get opensuse 10.2 running? Thx

  2. As stated in the blog, yes I got OpenSuSE 10.2 up-and-running. Now with the release of 10.3, I will spend this weekend updating my portable, so you can expect an update of this toppic.

  3. ok, also network-adapter?
    I'm planning to buy the same system. Would run also opensuse 10.3 on it together with Win XP (if possible)
    So, you are satisfied with the machine. I saw on the site that only vista is supported.

  4. Well, when I look at the supported hardware list of OpenSuSE 10.3, I see that all devices have full support except the fingerprint reader and the webcam. But since I don't use these features, I don't really mind.

    Besides, it'll only take a few months when there's going to be a driver available, so if you don't really need it... wait a bit.

    When you buy it, write down your own experiences on your blog and send me the link... this way we can see if other users have simular experiences or have tips on how to do stuff better on this portable.

  5. Any information on how to implement Windows XP on it?


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