Certified Zend PHP5 Engineer

From this day forward, I'm known as a Certified Zend PHP5 Engineer ! Whohoo !!! It was a tough exam with lot's of questions from php.ini and about error handling. But overal experience was that this exam requires a firm knowledge of PHP functions, differences between PHP4 and PHP 5 and a very keen eye for details.

I already passed the PHP4 Certification in 2006, so it was time for an upgrade. Especially when Zend announced the end-of-life for PHP4.

Benefits of being certified are (not limited):
  • a proove to yourself and the world that you can do PHP
  • higher geek-level
  • better job opportunities
  • stronger salary negotiation arguments
  • a nice certification on your wall
  • being registered in the Zend Yellow Pages
If you like PHP and you want to proove to yourself and the world that PHP is your thing, go check out the Zend site and enlist yourself for certification.

Readings I can recommend:

php|architect's Zend PHP 5 Certification Study guide
php pocket referencePHP Pocket Reference, Second Edition
Although this pocket reference was written for PHP4,
it lists basic language functions and is easy to take with
Good luck to everyone who wants to participate on this exam !


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