My iPhone 3G review

On July 11 the long awaited iPhone 3G was launched in Belgium. You could buy the 16GB version in any Mobistar shop or Apple store for € 615. This high price is caused by the fact that Belgian law prohibits the sale of one product combined with another different product.

When the door opened at 10am, another surprice was ahead. The Mobistar shop had only 25 iPhones in stock. They gave preference to Mobistar customers or people who would become new customers. Although this kind of action was totally unacceptable, little could be done at that time. I took a cheap mobile plan for € 10/month. As soon as I got home, I cancelled this plan immediatly.

Now the iPhone is exactly what I expected: a great communication centre. With it's integrated wifi and 3G it has mega powers to rule the Internet. A great phone, what can I say.

But there are some things that I miss here, although there obvious. First of all I can't send contact details to another phone using SMS or Bluetooth. Maybe this feature exists, but I haven't found it yet.

Another thing is that you can't store stuff on it like you could on an iPod. And now with MobileMe you have a cloud based inernet storage (iDisk) but I'm still figuring out how to access that storage with the iPhone.

In conclusion: a great communication device that litterly puts the Internet in your pocket. If you're a social community type like me, this phone gives you everything you wish for. And if it doesn't exists yet, you can create it yourself using the iPhone SDK.


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