PHP TestFest 2008 results

On May 11, 2008 I already posted about the joint efforts between and PHPBelgium to improve the quality of the PHP language, by testing the code during PHP TestFest.

Today posted the PHP TestFest wrapup and it's quite stunning to see that we (both and PHPBelgium members) are mentioned as winners.

One of the co-founders of PHPBelgium, Felix De Vliegher, has become top submitter and even though PHP TestFest only lasted a few hours, Felix has commited many more tests afterwards. He now has been granted access to commit to the PHP core (and will be probably be mentioned within the PHP credentials too).

The other winners are:
  • Eric Stewart
  • Håvard Eide
  • Marc Veldman
  • Michelangelo van Dam
  • Rein Velt
  • Rob Young
  • Sami Greenbury
  • Sebastian Deutsch
  • Sebastian Schürmann
  • Stefan Koopmanschap
All winners will receive an elePHPant from Nexen.

Since this year's PHP TestFest was a huge success, although it was organized by local PHP User Groups, it will be most likely the start for organizing PHP TestFest on a regular basis. Of course it will be announced here as well.

Personally I would like to thank Sebastian Bergmann to be our host on this event, without him we probably wouldn't have made it this far.


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