A small report from PHPLondon08

This morning sessions were already a blast.

Ivo Jansch, CTO of iBuildings, talked about "Enterprise PHP" and probably had a previous career as a comedian, where he loosly described php development in enterprise environments, making comparisons with bricks and lego, but made it clear that a mature approach of php development is necessary to be taken seriously today and in the future. BTW, buy his book (available shortly) !!!

The boys from vBulletin Scott MacVicar & Mike Sullivan went into more details of enterprise development phases they learned in their years working on vBulletin in the session "Lessons Learned: Experience from the front line".

After lunch and missing out coffee, I'm attending the "My framework is better than yours" session where three speakers will try to convince you their framework is the best, by building a small application with their preferred framework.
CodeIgniter seems to be interesting, Symfony too... but my personal preference remains with Zend Framework.

But now it's time for coffee !!!

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FOSDEM 2008 Continued

FOSDEM 08 entrance
FOSDEM was a great event with interesting talks, booths and people. A specific gratitude goes out to the people of MySQL and O'Reilly who have given so much information.

Although all sessions were interesting, the PHP 6 session about unicode was fun to attend, where the statement php6 = php5 + unicode the starting point of the whole session.

The mozilla team really made themselves known to the audience by having the firefox logo sprayed upon almost anything.

Several shots of the event:

Firefox speed limitEven firefox at banksPhp6 and unicodeEntering php6 presentationFirefox vandalismFirefox at fosdem

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Fosdem 2008

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Developer's European MeetingWith a bit of delay (had trouble waking up today) I arrived at FOSDEM 2008, the Free and Open Source Developer's European Meeting. This event spans over 2 days having sessions about open-source projects and innovations. My particular interest goes out to PHP 6 sessions and the LPI exams.

I will continue posting messages as the event continues, so stay tuned.

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Dutch PHP Conference 2008

Yes, the date is now known for the Dutch PHP Conference 2008. Make sure you have june 13 and 14 available in your calendar, because all PHP attention goes to DPC2008.

Last time all tickets were sold within 2 weeks, so better hurry up and get your entry ticket now and get an early-bird discount price.

Dutch PHP Conference 2008

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A TUX that really runs Linux

Today I received a nice present: a genuine ACME TUX that runs linux, an apache server with php 5 and sqlite !

Installation was a piece of cake, and once the configuration was done, I plugged a memstick in it's back USB port and accessed my website straight from the stick.

I'm seeing if I can fully use advanced php 5 functions on it, since it's php 5 version (5.0.5) lacks a few extensions, but once I've got some time left, I will figure things out to make it better.

See A TUX that really runs Linux
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