A TUX that really runs Linux

Today I received a nice present: a genuine ACME TUX that runs linux, an apache server with php 5 and sqlite !

Installation was a piece of cake, and once the configuration was done, I plugged a memstick in it's back USB port and accessed my website straight from the stick.

I'm seeing if I can fully use advanced php 5 functions on it, since it's php 5 version (5.0.5) lacks a few extensions, but once I've got some time left, I will figure things out to make it better.

See A TUX that really runs Linux
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  1. Yep. But it has 2 entries for USB so you can use one for external storage (memstick or hard drive) and another one for webcam.

    Still playing with it to check out all it's features. It's way too funny !!!


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