A small report from PHPLondon08

This morning sessions were already a blast.

Ivo Jansch, CTO of iBuildings, talked about "Enterprise PHP" and probably had a previous career as a comedian, where he loosly described php development in enterprise environments, making comparisons with bricks and lego, but made it clear that a mature approach of php development is necessary to be taken seriously today and in the future. BTW, buy his book (available shortly) !!!

The boys from vBulletin Scott MacVicar & Mike Sullivan went into more details of enterprise development phases they learned in their years working on vBulletin in the session "Lessons Learned: Experience from the front line".

After lunch and missing out coffee, I'm attending the "My framework is better than yours" session where three speakers will try to convince you their framework is the best, by building a small application with their preferred framework.
CodeIgniter seems to be interesting, Symfony too... but my personal preference remains with Zend Framework.

But now it's time for coffee !!!

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