Have a wonderful 2014!

Welcome 2014! A new year means again a new opportunity to stand out and make a difference. Each year people make a bunch of new year's resolutions that are hard to maintain. I want to ask my readers to do something for the community: update documentation, fix bugs on your favourite project or attend a PHP user group event or conference.

If you need some inspiration, these are upcoming PHP conferences you don't want to miss:

SkiPHP Conference 2014: January 17 - 18 Salt Lake Utah

PHPBenelux Conference 2014: January 24 - 25 in Antwerp Belgium
SunshinePHP Conference 2014: February 6 - 8 Miami Florida

Confoo Conference 2014: February 24 - 28 Montreal Canada

TEK PHP Conference 2014: May 19 - 23 Chicago Illenois
More conferences will be announced, but this will get you started.


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