ZendCon Unconference Announcement

Yes, there's going to be unconference (uncon) sessions at ZendCon 2010 ! I was chosen to run these very interesting, educative and as-equally high-valued parallel sessions at the PHP conference in Santa-Clara, CA.

For those who never heard about uncon sessions before, let me explain the situation a bit. Each conference has only so-many slots for talks and the hardest part is to choose the best talks people are willing to pay an entrance ticket for.

But that doesn't mean those who've submitted one or more talks to the conference to be left out. The uncon sessions are free stage areas where people can step up as presenter sharing knowledge or continue a discussion from a main-track session. Not only is it a free stage and everyone is welcome, we've seen in the past newcomers spoke at an uncon session and amazed everyone by their skills and content, they earned a spot on stage of the conference the following year.

I'm looking forward being your host for the ZendCon unconference and I hope I can achieve the same passion and quality as Keith "Mr. Uncon" Casey (@CaseySoftware) had done in the past years.

Stay tuned for more information about these uncon sessions here and on DevZone. If you have questions, ping me at @DragonBe on Twitter.


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