Belgacom - Proximus roaming failure

In this day and age people have a tendency to check the internet first before calling tech support, but apparently some big companies don't get that.

I'm in the Netherlands now and since this morning my mobile phone has no service. So I checked the websites of both Proximus (my cellular provider), Belgacom (it's mother company) and Vodafone (it's partner) to see if there's a problem with their network or services. Nothing was mentioned, nor was there any reference that anything was wrong.
So I spend the whole morning calling to tech support of Proximus to figure out why I don't have any service.

First I was kept on hold for about an hour. In my second attempt I could finally was ablte to talk with a tech support agent telling me the whole roaming service was down and all people abroad weren't able to connect to the cellular network.

This was a general system failure that already lasted several hours but the company didn't even bothered to mention this on the website, having it's customers calling tech support from abroad (paying huge international phone call tarifs) just to find there's a problem at the company.

Dear Proximus, put this kind of failures on your homepage ! This saves a lot of stress, and gives your customers the posibility to provide alternatives to contact friends, family or customers.


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