Zend Framework Bughuntday review

This Saturday user groups of the Netherlands (phpGG) and Belgium (PHPBelgium) organized Bughuntday at Best Western hotel "De Goderie" in Roosendaal (the Netherlands). Bughuntday is a whole day developers can come together to start fixing bugs for open-source frameworks and libraries. This Saturday we started these series with Zend Framework, a hugely adopted PHP framework within enterprise and professional web application development.

Core contributor Juriën Stutterheim gave a short presentation on what was the idea behind this event and how people should process the bugs.

2008 11 08 Bughuntday
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There's also a video of the whole presentation, the demo given by Juriën and the moment of giving away prizes. You can download it from my public idisk or from the mirror provided by Remi Woler.

With a turn up of 25 to 30 people we could call this day a success on bringing attention to the need of fixing bugs of huge frameworks. Although no statistics are yet available, I think only a handful of bugs were actually fixed that day. Not much compared to the turn up, but non the less better then none at all.

Bad internet connection, not enough communication in advance about computer configurations and so on were the main causes that this day resulted in only a few bugs fixed. But we as organizers have learned our lessons and we will surely take these issues into consideration when we're organizing the next Bughuntday.

We would like to everyone that participated and special thanks to our sponsors who made this day possible.
I personally want to thank Juriën for being our guest speaker (we will get you a Zend Framework T-Shirt!).

Special thanks also to Ralph Schindler of the Zend Framework core team, who had to be stand-by on those wee early hours just to assist us solving issues related to SVN access, wiki accounts and other administrative related issues.

And finaly great gratitude goes out to Wil Sinclair and Matthew Weier O'Phinney of the Zend Framework core team with who'm we worked out a simple idea on ZendCon08 into a genuine event. Thank you guys.
    Be sure to check out the pictures on flickr.com (tagged #bughuntday), as they are great memories of this mentionable event.


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