Zend Framework Certified Engineer

Last Friday was a successful day for me as I passed the Zend Framework Certified Engineer (ZFCE) exam from Zend at a Pearson Vue testing center in Mechelen.

The exam covers 14 topics and launches 75 questions at you, mostly multiple choice but also a random free field for you to fill in.

Zend provides a Zend Framework Study Guide to prepare yourself for this exam, but as the exam covers many detailed components from the Zend Framework, the minimized version of this study guide only touches the most important components and common understandings.

The main categories are:
  • MVC
  • Forms
  • Databases
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Coding Standards
  • Internationalization
  • Mail
  • Search
  • Authentication and Access control
  • Filtering and Validation
  • Web Services
  • Performance
  • Diagnosis and Maintainability
My advise for anyone taking this exam is to read the Zend Framework Study Guide and go through the Zend Framework Manual afterwards to study on the topics untouched or barely touched in this Zend Framework Study Guide.

If you doubting you're up for the challenge, PHP|Architect now offers training courses for this Zend Framework Certified Engineer exam. A Vulcan test will be shortly available.

Ibuildings, the leading PHP company in the Netherlands and UK provides also training courses for Zend Framework, but aren't targeted to the ZFCE exam (yet).


  1. Hello,

    Stumbled upon your blog as I am preparing to tak ZCE-ZF cert exam. I just finished Zend's test prep course.

    I would love to hear more about the exam itself, so if you could tell us more about it it would be neat.

  2. Anonymous14/4/12 16:20

    I just took the Zend Framework Certification today, it was not an easy exam however pleased to say I passed. Definitely recommend taking time out to study each of the areas using the guide and recommend the training course bundles provided by Zend. Doug Brier delivered 2 of the courses I took and he was really good.


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