PHP Icons in Amsterdam

This Monday I received an invitation from iBuilding's CTO Ivo Jansch to come down to Amsterdam to have dinner with Zend's Chief Editor Cal Evans, symfony gury and iBuilding's consultant Stefan Koopmanschap and Zend developer Remi Woler.

Besides having a great dinner at a typical Amsterdam diner Moeders (thanks Ivo!), I enjoyed the good conversations with all and totally by surprise Cal had not forgotten Stefan and I once asked him for a Zend water cooler. We both have now a signed copy of Cal's book "php|architect's Guide to Programming with Zend Framework". Thank you Cal.

Afterwards I surprised Cal and Ivo with a mild Cuban cigar while we were heading back to the hotel both Cal and Ivo stayed.

After a late night drink I took Remi with me to drop him off at his house (a little d-tour to Gouda) before I arrived back home in the arms of my wife who was by then already fast asleep.


  1. I really enjoyed myself as well, being in the presence of such impressing people from the symfony community. :)

  2. Anonymous26/4/08 17:39

    Guys, I had a great time! Thank you to all of you for your hospitality. I always love when I get to travel to Amsterdam. It's a great city but I have a lot of good friends in the area so it's extra special for me.

    I wish I could be at DPC this year but who knows, maybe next year. I know that it will be awesome though.

    Make sure you drop by Remi's post and read his thoughts on the evening as well. :)

    Thanks again for a wonderful time!



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