Zend Framework 1.5

ZF1.5 Website

Zend Framework 1.5 is just released. Not only is this the long awaited release of this great framework, but it's also a major milestone in the project's lifecycle. If you ever were indecisive weather to use Zend Framework or not, now you don't have any reasons left not to try it out.

And to celebrate this wonderful moment, the Zend Framework team have redesigned the website, with a more intuitive interface and fancier looks. Now you can find all information regarding Zend Framework in one place.

A few components worth mentioning:

  • support for OpenId and Microsoft's InfoCard
  • more advanced form builder
  • layout and view for consistence look and feel of your web application
  • LDAP authentication
  • extended Lucene search capabilities
  • Extended AJAX support for automated AJAX detection and responses
  • enhanced PDF support with UTF-8 character sets
  • enhancements to the Google GData web services

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