Andrew Olmsted: Final Post

As I was surfing the internet, I came across Andrew Olmsted: Final Post, an unfortunate US soldier who was killed doing his job in Iraq. While reading this, it made me wonder what happens with all the blogs of people that are no longer among the living ? Will they remain until the account expires or are there people keeping them online out of respect for the deceased ?

Do you have someone who has your account details to post a final blog message, like Andrew Olmsted did or is your passing also the end of the virtual you ? If you come to think of it, in today's society you can die, but your virtual self will remain stored in all those websites that you've registered yourself, you will still receive SPAM and if you have a long-term hosting deal, even your site will remain active... nothing in the virtual world will know you're no longer among us.

Makes one think about these things, doesn't it ???


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