ElePHPants in Belgium

Elephpants in Belgium
Elephpants in Belgium,
originally uploaded by DragonBe.
This morning at 10am the doorbel rang. "Yes sir, we have a package for you". I was curious what it was, because I ordered x-mas gifts online, so I was actually thinking it was the stuff that I ordered.

But no, 1 big and 15 little blue elePHPants were packed inside a little box. Ofcourse I let them out immediately, resulting in a cute gathering of these fluffy creatures.

Many thanks and gratitude to Damien Seguy over at Nexen Services who made all this possible.


  1. Cool And Merry Christmas

  2. You can order them online at nexenservices.com or send your details to dragonbe [[at]] google mail and I'll see what I can do.


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