Dec 12, 2007: 5th FeWeb Conference at Ter Elst

Tonight it is already the 5th Conference held here in Belgium by FeWeb, a Belgian federation for webdevelopers, where people can attend workshops, interesting sessions about web development in general and a posibility to network.

Of all sessions I'm more interested in the "AnySurfer Certification for web developers" talk by Roel Van Gils, since I believe accessibility is a goal all developers should keep in mind when developing applications.

Another good session (I hope) is the talk by Stef Verbeeck (twizted) about reputation and image on the web.

For FeWeb members the entrance is free, for non-members the entrance fee is 95 EUR (please register by e-mail,

Maybe I'll see you there. If not, I will post here a follow up in the next coming days.

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