The new website

Zend, the PHP company has a new website and a new logo. Although I'm not a graphical designer nor have I any graphical insight, my gut feeling tells me the new logo misses the flair other Zend sites ( and have.

As for the new website, it's a huge improvement. A clear view on topics and a very easy navigation. Especially you can see how the technology works behind the scenes by clicking the right-top corner "Behind the Site". Don't expect much fancy stuff, it's just an explanation on how this site is managed by Zend products and the iBuildings CMS WDE. Both companies are working to port this CMS to PHP 5 and will be released in the nearby future.

Just see for yourself at


  1. Actually, if you'll note the entire Behind the Site page, it already runs on PHP 5 -- 5.2.3, to be exact.


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