San Francisco, getting there

Fri, Oct 5 - 10:25am
I passed all checkpoints and now I'm ready to board on Flight UA951 from Brussels to Washington DC. The weather in Brussels is fine, almost summer time whe had to miss during the summer.

Arrival in Washington DC was a smooth ride, just to find out that my connecting flight to San Francisco was delayed. Due to a late arrival of flight UA937, our departure was rescheduled from 4:29pm to 5:05pm. So, in the mean time I enjoy a venti medium roast at StarBucks, right here at IAD.

Weather conditions seem good, a bit claudy but still very warm. I don't know if this is usual for this time of year or not, but I will find out when I get back here.

San Francisco airport is busy, even in the evening. We touched down at 8:35pm and we were off the plane at 9pm. A 2 minute taxidrive took me straight to Motel 6. These places are good places to stay, but you only get what you pay for. A double bed room with a bathroom, a washing sink and tv. No locker, no internet, no coffee vending machine. But, I have a roof over my head and clean sheets, so that's fine by me.

After treating myself on another StarBucks dark roast and a tripple cheeseburger at Wendy's I'm ready to call it a day.


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