PHP powers the internet of tomorrow

I'm using a nice catching title to say that PHP is actually grown out to a mature, stable and very adoptable programming language. Looking at the different popular Web 2.0 websites, many of them use PHP or switched over to PHP because of the flexibility of the language, and the rich enhanced features that have been developed for this language.

Most recent switches were made by CDBaby that moved from Ruby to PHP, Friendster switched from Java to PHP and the latest was done by So, if they all feel that PHP can give them the power to work their Web 2.0 magic, you can be assured that it works for you too.

Companies as Yahoo! and IBM also support PHP as a core development language for their feature rich websites, and other big names in the internet world follow their lead.

A list of currently well known PHP sites:
So, if you still had doubts that PHP is the right choice for you, giving these examples should convince you PHP can provide you the tools to build your Web 2.0 dreams.


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