php-abstract podcast: Five ways to kill a software project

On episode 20 of the php-abstract podcast (09/20/2007), Cal Evans presents in a very humurous way what you should not do if you want to succesfully complete a software project. Although I strongly advice you to listen to this podcast I can let you in on the five toppics discussed in this podcast:
  1. avoid all design and documentation
  2. hire a developer with no domain experience
  3. write everything from scratch
  4. make sure your salesdepartment starts showing your project before your development has finished it
  5. let your salesdepartment set the deadlines
And indeed, as a developer myself I see that these things actually happens in the real world and leads to much frustrations for developers and clients. This is clearly the way of the dark path ! So, now you have these 5 golden guidelines, use the force Luke!

PS: I also post this because I read on Zend Developer Zone blog that I could win free books!


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