How to estimate the cost of a web development project

There's an interesting article for ICT Consultants about how to estimate the cost of a project on, and although he keeps his information quite vague, he does mention some important issues.

- fixed price for the time period after time estimation
- ignore change requests before first release
- quality assurance as extra service for your customers

The most difficult part of Application Development is time estimation. It has become common practice to cross deadlines, mostly because of unforeseen or unexpected challenges that weren't planned in advance. There's no rule of thumb to solve this, only experience will provide you enough knowledge to do a correct estimation.

Another common practice is that your customer ask you one thing, but during development your customer will ask to add more functionality and "nice to have" features to the whole application. Prevent this method by describing in detail what functionality your application will contain and list all other requests for a next release.

For quality assurance, you'll find enough ideas on how to integrate this into your own service. This is an individual choice where I still need to find the balance between good and best.


  1. Time estimation is more precise when you know the following:

    - Clearly stated client requirement.
    - Idea of programming and db design that will go into it.


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