Interview: Intro for Zendcon 2013

This is an interview done with Joe Stagner of Zend as an introduction to my talks at ZendCon 2013.

Podcast: It's not magic, it's PHP for

This is a podcast recording I did with Jeffrey "Jam" A. McGuire of Aquia, the company behind Drupal.

Webinar: Quality Assurance for PHP Projects Using PhpStorm

This is a webinar I did for JetBrains about using QA in combination with their IDE PHPStorm

Session: Unit Testing Zend Framework apps

This is a talk I gave at PHPCon Poland.

Michelangelo van Dam: Unit Testing Zend Framework apps from PLUG on Vimeo.

Session: Community Works

Interview: Building a community

Interview: Keith Casey interviewing Michelangelo van Dam