Bughuntday: yes, you can!

Last week Thursday the start was given to Zend Framework's Bughuntday and it turned out to be a huge success, as mentioned by Chief Architect Matthew Weier O' Phinney on Zend's DevZone website.

Over a hunderd bugs were squashed leading up to the release of Zend Framework 1.9.3.

What is Bughuntday ?
Bughuntday is actually a term to indicate that on a specific day (or days), lots of developers are focussing their attention to fix bugs, often reported by users in a bug tracking tool (like Jira, Mantis or Bugzilla).

Since lots of users have submitted issues and only a few developers have time to investigate them, extra help is always welcome to clear a backlog of reported issues.

So, each year a "Bughuntday" is scheduled to have many developers fix issues in a relative short timeframe.

You can help !
Fixing bugs for Zend Framework is a very good way to learn best coding practices or parts of the framework you're not familiar with.

Go over to the Zend Framework Issue Tracker and look for bugs that are still open.

If you already signed the Zend CLA, you're good to go. If you haven't done this, now is a good time to do so.

Get the latest revision from, which includes the library, unit tests, external libraries and documentation.

In case of emergency
If you're stuck, or you have created a patch to fix an issue, head over to on IRC (freenode) where you can ask for help.

The Zend Framework Bughuntday is held each third Thursday and Friday of the month and each month prizes are given to the top 3 fixers.

If your company uses Zend Framework, see if you cannot make it a company thing. The quality improvement of Zend Framework will be a great benefit for your company as well.


Speaking at PHPNW09

It's almost fall again and it's amazing to see how many great conferences are scheduled. Seems impossible to choose between great talks given by the best developers worldwide.

One of those great conferences is held in Manchester, UK. It's PHPNW09 with an awesome schedule listing well known and lesser known people from the international PHP community (like Stefan Koopmanschap, Derick Rethans, Lorna Mitchel, Rob Allen and many more). This year I'm on stage too talking about the Standard PHP Library or SPL.

Something that I really like about the PHP community is that we all help each other getting better at the things we do. After I gave my SPL talk at DPC 09 earlier this year, I got so many responses and pointers on the presenter rating site which were very helpful improving this presentation.

So, if you have a day to spend on PHP, come and join us at PHP North West conference 2009. Prices are reasonable and flights are fairly cheap compared to the massive information overload you're about to absorb there.